Sign saying, "Academic freedom."
March 20, 2023
Courts, policy makers and research funders should demand truth in advertising when it comes to institutional commitments to academic freedom, Neal H. Hutchens and Frank Fernandez write.
March 20, 2023
Don’t throw the student recruitment baby out with the COVID bathwater, write Robert Massa and Bill Conley.
An illustration of three rows of physical bookshelves emerging from a laptop screen.
March 17, 2023
A lawsuit against the Internet Archive threatens the most significant specialized library to emerge in decades, say a group of current and former university librarians.


March 20, 2023
What is “work-work balance”?
March 20, 2023
Inequalities in campus resources imperil the quality of the education most college students receive.
March 20, 2023
Building on a useful report.


April 4, 2005
Professors need to figure out how new technologies can change their instruction, write Will Hochman and Chris Dean.
April 1, 2005
As Commissioner Bud Selig and several prominent players attempted to evade subpoenas for recent House of Representatives hearings on baseball’s steroid problem, Rep. Henry Waxman observed, “What strikes me is that baseball doesn’t want to investigate it and they don’t want us to investigate it.” The California congressman summed up baseball’s policy as “don’t know, don’t tell.”
March 31, 2005
When one interviews for a tenure-track position at Virginia Military Institute, the process often seems more like an orientation session than an exploration of a suitable match between the interviewee's credentials and the mission of the institute.
March 30, 2005
New guidelines on Title IX aren't the real problem for women's sports, argues Neal McCluskey. What's wrong is that women are less interested in athletics than men are.
March 29, 2005
Sure, American scholars are studying blogs. But if you want to see a real debate, go to Iran....



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