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Higher education has undergone transformation due to the pandemic, the national reckoning on race and other factors, while facing shifting demographics and growing skepticism about its value. Understanding how these issues affect students is critical for college and university leaders and their decision-making. Student Voice, presented by Inside Higher Ed and The Generation Lab, ensures that the perspective of current college students is inserted into discussions about timely issues. (Student Voice surveys in 2021, 2022 and 2023 were conducted by College Pulse.)

With free access to breaking polls, news and analysis about the challenges affecting today’s college students, Student Voice gives institutional leaders the insights they need to address persistent and overlooked student needs. By amplifying and prioritizing the student voice, higher ed leadership teams will be clearer and more confident in doing what is best for their students, and in turn their institutions.

Student Voice, part of the Student Success news hub, explores different topics throughout the year and includes a comprehensive annual survey. Student polling data from Generation Lab informs Inside Higher Ed‘s coverage, which includes news articles, opinion pieces, webcasts, podcasts and more. While Student Voice sponsorships are available, Inside Higher Ed maintains editorial independence and full discretion over its coverage.

Inside Higher Ed, founded in 2004, is the leading source for higher ed news and analysis. Generation Lab, a data intelligence company that studies young people and the trends that shape the future, was founded in 2016. 

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Student Voice is a news hub spotlighting the student perspective on higher education.

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Each survey is conducted by The Generation Lab, which conducts ongoing surveys that measure attitudes and views of the American youth on current issues and policies. With technological advances and growing desires for privacy, computer devices have become a favorable method of completing surveys, especially among the younger generation. Web surveys have also shown to present a more comprehensive set of data than many other modes of data collection. The Generation Lab’s approach is influenced by these trends and relies heavily on web surveys to efficiently collect data nationwide, reduce costs, and minimize errors of manual data entry.

Student Voice surveys mainly accesses Generation Lab’s student panel, which includes students from across the country, including those attending community colleges, HBCUs, and women-only colleges. The team utilizes a randomized list of all colleges and obtains student contacts through a set of proprietary methods. The final frame closely resembles a probability sample of college students in the United States. 

For comparison purposes, Student Voice surveys also utilize the generation youth panel, when appropriate. This panel is recruited to closely resemble a probability-based sample through academically-guided, advertisement-based, geographic recruitment with quota sampling. The panel includes individuals of all backgrounds aging 18-29.

Read more about The Generation Lab and its Methodology here.