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Student Voice is a news hub spotlighting the student perspective on higher education. This collaboration, is presented by Kaplan in association with Inside Higher Ed and College Pulse.

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Academic Integrity Actions

Student behaviors and perspectives related to academic integrity are influenced by policies and practices at all levels, from institution-wide to professor-specific.

How Students See Cheating, and How Colleges Can Contain It

November 23, 2021

Student perceptions of academic integrity and exposure to unethical behaviors uncovered in our survey can guide colleges in educating about such issues and taking action to prevent cheating.

Standout Stat: Just 17% of students say all or nearly all their professors have put effort into using authentic assessments that make cheating more difficult; another quarter say many professors have done so.

Mentor Connections

Certain groups of students are most likely to seek out and benefit from mentor relationships. College leaders can help by practicing a variety of mentor program approaches. 

Making the Mentor and Mentee Match (infographic)

November 16, 2021

Successful connections between students and mentors often require careful thinking about which individuals are likely to be a good pair. Follow these 10 matchmaking tips.

Standout Stat: 65% of students who have not had a mentor think they would want or might want to have one.

Students Need Mentors, and More Help in Making Those Connections

October 28, 2021

Nine strategies and tactics for ensuring more students desire a mentor and expanding opportunities for connection.

Standout Stat: 32% of students identify not wanting or not needing a mentor as a reason for not having one

Savvy Students Get the Guidance

October 22, 2021

Having a professor, adviser or other mentor can greatly help in navigating college and launching a career, but many students aren’t seeking out such relationships.

Standout Stat: 31% of students of color prefer a mentor of the same racial identity, compared to 5% of white students.


Black and Brown Students Want Black and Brown Mentors. What’s a Primarily White Institution to Do?

November 10, 2021

S. Brooke Vick from Muhlenberg College shares three ways mentoring efforts can support students of color.


To Reduce Inequality on College Campuses, Invest in Relationships

November 01, 2021

Proactive student support and mentorship culture is undervalued in academia, writes Becca Spindel Bassett, who studies inequity in higher ed.

Pandemic-Era Career Prep

COVID-19 has impacted student goals and career preparation experiences. Here is how colleges can support students during this time.

What to Know About Students Wishing for a College Choice Do-Over

October 06, 2021

Infographic: Students with negative views on the college enrollment decision may need more outreach and support.

Standout Stat: Just 14% of students who would not choose their college over again strongly agree that career center supports have been sufficient during the pandemic

Next Steps, New Directions Emerge for Life Beyond College: Part 2

September 22, 2021

In light of virtual internship and alternative career exploration experiences that occurred (or did not) during COVID, what supports do students now expect and need?

Standout Stat: 32% of students who had virtual internships during the pandemic say it was hard to tell if they would want to pursue that kind of work.

Next Steps, New Directions Emerge for Life Beyond College: Part 1

September 21, 2021

Future plans and career preparation approaches have shifted for students during the pandemic. How have they turned to college supports for help?

Standout Stat: Only 23% of students who have changed their major in part because of the pandemic are very confident they’re in the right academic program, considering the current economy and job market.


How Students Are Navigating Changes in Career Plans

October 20, 2021

As the pandemic has forced students to make shifts in their career decisions, career centers can help equip them to adapt, writes Austin Wechter.


The Fix to Student Work Readiness? Provosts

October 11, 2021

With the availability of work experiences for college students at an all-time low, chief academic officers have the power to save the day.

Data Privacy Awareness

Many students haven’t given much thought to the data being collected about them by their colleges, but higher ed can play a role in giving students the knowledge to become informed data consumers. 

Data Defense: Privacy Protection Actions

September 14, 2021

Four actions to encourage students to take for better understanding of what data are collected about them and what control they may have over the use of their private information.

Data Collection Comforts: Most Students Trust Their Colleges

August 17, 2021

Students don’t know a lot about what their colleges are doing with their data, and experts say institutions must help them think more critically about data privacy. Here’s how.

Standout Stat: Only 12% of students know their college has a data privacy policy in place and have read it; an additional 37% know there is one but have not read it.


Decoding Data Security

September 23, 2021

Student Kyra O’Connor offers perspective on privacy policies, data collection and the university’s role in cybersecurity.


Privacy Opt-Out May Lead to Inequities

September 20, 2021

Rushing to provide opt-out mechanisms may be hurting rather than protecting students, writes Christopher Brooks, who teaches in a school of information.

Student Policy Perspectives

From free college and student loan forgiveness to admissions and free speech, here’s what students think about various higher ed policies at the federal, state and institutional levels.

Best Safety Practices and Policy, According to Students

August 02, 2021

From free speech and campus security approaches to Title IX regulation and COVID-19 mitigation, here’s what students say would help them feel safe and secure.

Standout Stat: 63% of students whose colleges currently use volunteer mediators and other mental health professionals as part of campus safety departments believe it’s a good idea to do so

Students Favor Free College, Oppose Admissions Preferences

July 20, 2021

Survey reveals what education policy makers working on behalf of students need to know about solutions that students support for making college more affordable and equitable.

Standout Stat: 60% of students strongly support free four-year college


Building Back Better: Beyond Free College

August 31, 2021

Free college proposals would only exacerbate the degree completion gap in higher ed, write Stephen J. Handel and Eileen L. Strempel.


The Fundamental Attribution Error of Admission Test Policies

August 12, 2021

The funding model of higher education -- not test scores -- is the greatest barrier to college access, writes Joe Bagnoli.

Student Success Beyond COVID

Reflecting on their learning through the pandemic, many students feel unimpressed by their education this year. Here’s what they need from colleges as many prepare to return to the post-COVID campus.


Reflections on Success

July 16, 2021

Success in college is about much more than getting a diploma. Our survey captured how students currently define success.

Stepping Out From COVID

June 23, 2021

Three ways campus leaders and educators can help college students get back on track after the challenges of learning within the confines of the pandemic (part two of a two-part article).

Standout Stat: Only 7% of students would rate the value of education received this past year as excellent.

How COVID-19 Damaged Student Success

June 21, 2021

Many students think the pandemic impeded their learning and academic progress, but the experience likely taught them some lessons about higher education and themselves.

Standout Stat: 52% of students say they learned less this year compared to pre-COVID years.


Lost Handshakes, Eye Contact and Flow State of Learning

July 15, 2021

President Marlene Tromp offers ideas on how to give what was lost during COVID online learning back to students.


Pedagogy of Healing: Bearing Witness to Trauma and Resilience

July 08, 2021

Mays Imad suggests 13 actions professors and other educators can take to help promote students’ mental health before and during the fall semester.


If Colleges Were Rated Like Uber Drivers…

June 24, 2021

Students say the pandemic switch to online learning was a disaster. Using Uber driver ratings, colleges would have been fired many times over this year.

Student Health

The pandemic has impacted exercise, diet and sleep habits of students, who are also experiencing the physical effects of increased screen time. As the pandemic eases, colleges and universities can support students as they return more fully to campuses and hope to get back into healthier routines.

The Campus Vaccine Scene

June 07, 2021

Higher ed vaccine mandates are a hot topic for college students. Here’s what they think about requirements and related communication.

Health Habits: Emerging From the COVID Crush

May 27, 2021

Students who have fallen into unhealthy lifestyle routines this past year need support in getting back on track. How can colleges help?

Standout Stat: Only 27% of students have experienced no physical symptoms caused by increased screen time during the pandemic.


5 New Realities to Know About College Hunger

July 01, 2021

The pandemic shines a bigger spotlight on the issue of college students with food insecurity and how their institutions can support them, writes Rachel Sumekh.


Complain, Educatedly

June 18, 2021

When advocating against injustice, one must first put their own adversity, such as discomforts from the pandemic, in perspective, writes student Alexandra Bowman.

Racial Justice and Equality

In the past year, people on campuses and off have engaged in discussions and activism related to racial justice and equality with renewed intensity. What are students thinking about the racial climate and actions (or inactions) they see?

Infographic: Campus Racial Climate Expectations and Observations

May 14, 2021

Students speak out about what they’ve seen and what they expect from their colleges with regard to racial justice and climate.

More Discussion Than Action: Racial Justice on Campus

May 06, 2021

The latest Student Voice survey shows what college students think about their institutions’ actions in the aftermath and year since George Floyd was killed last May -- and what campus leaders can do now to take bolder steps toward racial justice and equality.

Standout Stat: Only 6% of survey respondents agree strongly that the BLM movement has resulted in their institutions being a better place.


The Transformative Power of Student Voices in the Midst of Racial Injustice

May 17, 2021

The demands that come from student activists can lead to transformative change if campus leaders work with them respectfully and in partnership, say Joy Gaston Gayles and Alyssa Rockenbach.

Mental Health Perceptions

A year into the pandemic, student mental health remains a big problem. With many not accessing campus counseling services, what can colleges do to help?

Infographic: 6 Factors Impacting Campus Counseling Centers

April 21, 2021

Students need mental health help but often don’t turn to their colleges and universities for support. Knowing where the challenges lie can help higher ed leaders figure out solutions.

Students Struggle but Don’t Seek Colleges’ Help

April 14, 2021

While students are still reporting COVID-19 mental health challenges, they are generally not taking advantage of counseling center services. As the following 12 ideas show, even centers strapped for resources can strive for better supports, both now and post-pandemic.

Standout Stat: 47% of students say they could have used some or a lot more support from their college during the past year.


Students: You're Doing Better Than You Think. And You Should Still Ask for Help

May 11, 2021

In the wake of the pandemic, it’s time to rethink how we approach campus mental health, says Elisa Bolton.


We Are Not OK and We Need Your Help

April 23, 2021

Student Joseph Maronski reflects on mental health and what higher ed leaders and staff have done this past year to support their campus communities.

Learning From COVID

Students have gotten experience living and learning during the pandemic. One year into this era, it’s clear that higher ed institutions should not be returning to the old normal, but rather learning from this time and evolving.

Distant Existence: Virtual Internships and First Jobs

April 02, 2021

How comfortable are students with remote work experiences, and what can colleges do to help ensure a virtual role is still successful?

COVID-Era College: Are Students Satisfied?

March 24, 2021

Students reflect on what has worked, what has not and what they want from their colleges post-COVID. (Hint: Keep that lecture recording button handy and virtual support options available.)

Standout Stat: 67% of students back on campus in some capacity had not expected in-person events to be canceled this year.


The Remote College Experience: More Than Just Zoom Fatigue

April 15, 2021

Relationship building is not just a wish for college students but also the foundation for success in jobs, communities and more, writes JP Flores, a student at Occidental College in California.


Masked and Engaged

March 30, 2021

Enhancing student experience during a pandemic, as seen through the eyes of Tom Ellett, the new chief experience officer at Quinnipiac University.

Student Influence on Campus

Do students feel “heard” by professors in the classroom and by administrators at their college or university? The survey explores the issues students most want a voice in and offers insights into how campus officials might listen and respond better.

7 Ways Colleges Can Help Support Students in Speaking Up

March 02, 2021

Findings from the Inside Higher Ed/College Pulse survey on student voices across campus and in the classroom -- plus ideas for action.

Do Students Feel Heard on Campus?

February 24, 2021

When students have problems or concerns, they are likelier to seek out professors than administrators and to feel faculty members listen more to their perspectives, Inside Higher Ed’s initial Student Voice survey finds.

Standout Stat: 50% of students are just slightly or not at all confident that if they had to raise an issue on campus, they would know which department could address it.


The Student Connection Challenge

March 10, 2021

As both a professor and a vice provost, Claudia Lampman reflects on students’ comfort levels in approaching faculty compared to administrators and on the need to build meaningful interactions.


Talk to Us, Please! We Really Are Here to Help!

March 04, 2021

Jon Kapell, a campus activities administrator, suggests questions college officials should be asking about giving students support in sharing their opinions and concerns.

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