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Student Wellness Tip: Making Counseling Centers More Inviting

To promote help-seeking behaviors and encourage students to utilize mental health resources, physical spaces in college counseling centers or campus facilities can reflect feelings of comfort and safety.

Program Innovation: Getting Learners Involved for Academic Achievement

A longstanding program at the College of Charleston provides a cohort of encouragement and assistance for students not reaching their full potential to excel inside and outside of the classroom.

Report: What Works in Recruiting Diverse Students to the Humanities

New research from the National Humanities Alliance seeks to break barriers to participation for historically underserved communities in humanities programs through highlighting effective initiatives.

Student Wellness Tip: Keeping Students Safe After Dark

College leaders and students have developed solutions to provide safe rides for learners on or near campus.

Funding Student Success: Mini Grants for First-Year Engagement

This spring, Ohio University piloted a grant program to support faculty and student engagement in first-year seminars, awarding eight grants to empower connection and meaningful relationships.

Positive Partnership: Librarians Support Student Athlete Academics

University of Arizona librarians partnered with an athletics support program to help students hone their research and writing skills.

Scaling Up: Expanding Paid Internship Roles in the Arts

An internship pipeline for rising high school seniors will launch a pilot this summer to support current college students.

Program Innovation: Painting Student Supports in a New Light

Colorado College staff created a new intervention to reframe student supports, encouraging all students to utilize services as part of the learning process.