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Survey: Why Students Enroll and Why They Persist

Survey data from Anthology identify key factors in student success among U.S. college students, including barriers to completion and how they want to receive university communications.

Success Program Launch: Creating Career Champions on Campus

Virginia Commonwealth University offers practical training to faculty and staff on how to incorporate career readiness into their work with students.

Embracing the LMS for Student Success

Many students are unaware of or do not utilize campus resources. Creating easy access to information in the learning management system can break down this barrier.

Listen: Supporting Adult Learners in Higher Education

Two higher education professionals share the challenges and opportunities in serving adult learners and how institutions can better help them persist and graduate.

Report: Student Completion Rates Rise With Annual Credits Earned

New analysis from Ad Astra finds a correlation between the number of credits a student completes in a year and their likelihood of retaining and completing a degree.

Voices of Student Success: Supporting Adult Learners

A new limited series of The Key, Voices of Student Success, features Student Success reporter Ashley Mowreader speaking with Mike Krause from the John M. Belk Endowment and Ashley Flood from Purdue Global, on adult learners.

Community Resource Dog Aids Students Having a Ruff Day

Colleges and universities are employing working dogs to build connections between students and campus police forces.