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Data-Based Decisions Tip: Convene Regular Data Meetings

Student success advocates at the University of Kentucky have built a culture of evidence through weekly data meetings. Here’s how they do it, plus pointers for organizing data meetings on your campus.

Alternative Spring Break: Hygge, Happiness and Sustainability

A group of first-year students at the College of Charleston recently returned from a spring-break trip to Denmark, where they studied how personal and environmental sustainability intersect.

‘That’s a Great Question!’: The Value of Positive Faculty Feedback

One recent paper links welcoming faculty responses to student questions to better student outcomes in STEM courses, building on other work finding that students benefit when professors are approachable, accessible and supportive.

Scaling Up: Shrinking the DFW Rate

Georgia State’s Accelerator Academy is inspiring 10 other institutions to help students pass key gateway courses they’ve previously failed or from which they’ve withdrawn. Initial success metrics suggest the solution is scalable, even beyond this group of universities.

Funding Student Success: The Business of Mental Health

Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management is promoting student mental health and the mental health of future teams with the donor-funded Nass Mental Health Initiative.

Success Program Launch: Training for Future Change Makers 

The University of New Hampshire launches Semester for Impact, an experiential learning program in which students earn full credit for working with sustainability-focused local organizations.

Preparing for Life After College: The Top 10 Student Survey Insights

Major findings from our Student Voice survey on getting ready for life after college reveal gaps in students’ use of and satisfaction with career services. Responses also suggest that students expect a high degree of faculty involvement in career exploration and that they benefit from experiential learning, including internships.

Preparing Undergraduates for Work: 5 Student Ideas

Students at Oregon State University at Cascades will soon run a for-profit snowboard business—the kind of opportunity Student Voice survey respondents say they want. In this infographic, students share other ideas for how their institutions can help them better prepare for the world of work.