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Coursera Launches AI Plagiarism Detector

Institutional interest prompted the creation of the new AI tools even as debate rages over AI verification.

Inside Barnard’s Pyramid Approach to AI Literacy

The New York institution’s unusual take on artificial intelligence could serve as a blueprint for others grappling with implementation. 

Auditor Finds University of California Lacks Transparency in Online Courses

The UC system will have one year to implement better guidance and transparency measures.

Lost in Translation? AI Adds Hope and Concern to Language Learning

Foreign language classes have seen declines for years. AI could hasten—or help—it. 

Librarians Grapple With Diverse Archiving in a Digital World

Librarians know more diversity is needed in archiving but it’s a work in progress.

New ChatGPT Version Aiming at Higher Ed

ChatGPT Edu, emerging after initial partnerships with several universities, is prompting both cautious optimism and worries.

A Viable Model for Open-Access Publishing

MIT Press’s digital approach has broadened readership of monographs, but questions remain on whether its “idealistic” open-access model can change the publishing industry. Faces Scrutiny Over Data Privacy Concerns

A Senate committee is investigating the Chinese-owned company.