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Academics Fall For and Fret About Technology

Amid talk about metaversities, student success data and online well-being, attendees at Digital Universities U.S. conference express worries about the rapid emergence of generative AI.

Whatever Happened to MIT and Harvard’s Big EdX Profit?

The two institutions debuted Axim Collaborative, a new nonprofit focused on broadening college access. The new venture offers a bold vision with scant details. 

Discord for Leaking Military Files—and Exam Questions

College students use the social media app to express themselves and connect with others. But given the platform’s problematic history, some professors offer guidance for safe use.

More Malware, Less Ransomware in Higher Ed

Cybercriminals often target known network vulnerabilities. But software updates and patches only work when installed, and colleges face nontrivial hurdles in this regard.

The Oncoming AI Ed-Tech ‘Tsunami’

At a star-studded MIT gathering last week, the business sector made clear that industry leaders have FOMO, that the possibility for catastrophic failure exists and that humans and machines define “trust” differently.

How Can Online College Be Both ‘Promising’ and ‘Predatory’?

As with health news about chocolate or wine, higher ed news about online college can seem contradictory. Some researchers say it’s time to retire one-word descriptors.

Librarians’ ‘New Normal’ Includes Pain Points

In college libraries today, print resources have been demoted, staffing shortages feel urgent and pandemic-era students struggle to engage with librarians.