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Confessions of a Community College Dean

In which a veteran of cultural studies seminars in the 1990s moves into academic administration and finds himself a married suburban father of two. Foucault, plus lawn care.

October 25, 2007 - 9:32pm
An assiduous undergraduate correspondent writes:
October 24, 2007 - 8:57pm
Sherman Dorn has a thoughtful post up about the difficulties institutions have in dealing with faculty instructional practices that aren't quite enough to get someone fired, but that do result in lousy teaching and valid student complaints.
October 24, 2007 - 6:20am
I don't usually do followup posts, but this topic seems to need one.In higher ed, there's no such thing as fundraising. Instead, there's 'development,' or, in more sophisticated quarters, 'institutional advancement.'
October 23, 2007 - 6:42am
A long-suffering correspondent writes:
October 19, 2007 - 6:12am
What are the odds? There was actually a staggeringly brilliant piece in the New York Times yesterday! (The piece is here.) Gail Collins fired off several great ones, but my personal fave:
October 18, 2007 - 7:06am
A former cc administrator -- who is not me -- did a piece in the Chronicle about deans and chairs needing to trust faculty. Much of the piece is actually spot-on. I can't imagine issuing a bathroom break policy, or walking around the hallways with a stopwatch and a clipboard. And the point about distrusting negative gossip is both true and easy to forget in those early days.But then there's this:
October 17, 2007 - 6:56am
A regular correspondent writes:Lots of people are showing up in class these days who have been cut off from their computer accounts because of unpaid bills. There they are, ready to write--but I'm supposed to send them to the business office to settle their bills.I tell them the business office is mad at them for owing money, and they need to get down there PDQ. So far, so good. Then I log them into my account so they can have class and write.
October 16, 2007 - 7:00am
The Girl is in training to be Supreme Ruler of the Earth.She has already conquered the opposite sex. One of the boys in her nursery school class – I'll call him Millhaus – has taken quite a shine to TG. We got a call from Millhaus' Mom saying that every day when he gets home, it's TG this and TG that, and would we like to set up a playdate?TG's first date.The Wife asked TG if she knew Millhaus. TG's response: “Who?”After all these years, it's nice to be on the other side of that one.
October 15, 2007 - 6:12am
In the debates over health insurance, I've rarely heard anyone make the point – obvious, to anyone who works in the public sector – that one of the drivers of cost increases for us is the number of employees we have whose spouses use our health insurance to allow them to start their own businesses or to work part-time.
October 12, 2007 - 6:26am
One of the psychological adjustments I had to learn, when moving into administration, was to lower my expectations for victory.


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