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Welcome to the StratEDgy blog!  We -- Margaret Andrews and Dayna Catropa -- have both worked in business and education and find the intersection of the two irresistible -- and increasingly important. The level of competition is increasing and the conversations are changing. Wanting to investigate further and bring others into the discussion, we first created a class, Strategy and Competition in Higher Education, which is running at the Harvard Extension School this upcoming semester. And, as we were talking to others in the higher ed world to test ideas and invite guest speakers, Doug Lederman at IHE suggested we start a blog about the topic.  So here we are. 

The StratEDgy blog is intended to be a thoughtful hub for discussion on the forces impacting US higher education, the threats and opportunities this creates for both consumers and education service providers, and the implications of success and failure in the evolving market for post-secondary education. You know, the trivial stuff. 

The plan is to rotate through a number of different topic areas by stakeholder and issue, including consumers (e.g., demographics, affordability, workforce needs), suppliers (e.g., faculty, publishers), providers (e.g., traditional universities, for-profits, new entrants), innovations (e.g., new ways of educating, new business models, disruptions), competition/strategic moves (e.g., unbundling, alliances, marketing, rankings), leadership (e.g., academic and entrepreneurial leaders, policy-makers), and implications (e.g., winners/losers, US competitiveness). 

The idea is not to “prove the point,” but rather to package data and ideas to spark discussion on a variety of topics related to strategy and competition in higher education. And we hope that you, dear reader, will join in the fun.

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