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November 29, 2018

If you're looking for a self-directed course designed to enhance your understanding of a “range of digital tools for your personal and professional development as a researcher, academic, student, or professional,” then you should consider participating in 23 Things for Digital Knowledge. Facilitated by Stephanie (Charlie) Farley, Open Educational Resources Advisor at the University of Edinburgh, 23 Things is a wonderful exploration into digital tools.

Each week, participants in the course (in the UK, a course is more like a program or degree) receive a thoughtfully constructed email on a particular digital topic. Course participants are encouraged to create a blog (if they don't already have one) as a conduit for conversation and exploration of the weekly topic.

Weekly topics for the 23 Things course include: blogging, digital footprint, digital security, diversity, accessibility, Twitter, Facebook, Google Hangouts/Bb Collaborate Ultra, Wikimedia, copyright, OERs/Creative Commons, video, audio, digital curation, geolocation tools, augmented reality/virtual reality, altmetrics, professional social networks, and online games/learning tools.

The entire 23 Things list, with course links, can be found here.

Essentially, if you're needing a broad-based program that covers multiple facets of 'digital,' this course is an easy choice. Plus, the self-directed aspect makes it a low pressure, high gain experience.

For those participants who complete the course and post a blog on all of the 23 Things, an Open Badge will be awarded.

Additionally, you can follow the 23 Things Twitter account as well as the course hashtag (#23things).


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