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Cooking Up Some Awesome with ifttt
June 18, 2012 - 8:35pm

When ifttt (it's lowercase, so it has to be cool, right?) first appeared on the social tech scene, I took a gander and then I moved on. Thankfully, I know enough about companies with unique names to not put them on permanent ignore. ifttt (I was going to make a bell hooks reference about capitalization…it didn't work.) is all about figuring out the connections between "if this then that." The functionality of ifttt is built around tasks, actions, and channels. For example, let's say you wanted to save your Instagram photos into your Dropbox account. With ifttt, it's simple, the community has already created that particular recipe.

The potential for ifttt is really in its community-generated recipes (ifttt formulas). The "popular" recipes section of ifttt is loaded with useful recipes and the "hot" recipes are well, pretty hot. The "Text me the weather every morning" recipe is super simple and extremely functional…at least that's what my friends have told me. I know, I'm late to the ifttt game.

The current list of ifttt channels is impressive. As a new iPad owner, I am excited to see how I can share/curate content via multiple apps/services. My brain is already spinning with possible connections between Dropbox, WordPress, Pocket, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, Delicious, foursquare, and Google Reader. Perhaps my first use of ifttt will be the "If I tweet a link then bookmark the link on Delicious" recipe. After all, I do find Delicious to be quite tasty!

How are you using ifttt? Do you have any favorite recipes? What recipes are you working on?


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