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Students at many colleges and universities gathered to watch the news Monday night as authorities announced that there would be no indictment in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. That outcome prompted students at many campuses to immediately start protests. The case has drawn widespread interest on campuses, but especially at historically black colleges.

In Washington, Howard University students marched near campus and to prominent locations such as the White House and Supreme Court.

CNN reported that at Morehouse College, about 200 students chanted: "Ferguson's hell is America's hell." They then recited the names of black men and women killed by the police.

In Richmond, students from Virginia Commonwealth University, joined by students at Virginia Union University, started marching around 11 p.m. Monday night, chanting "No justice, no peace," and singing "Amazing Grace," CBS News 6 reported.

At Ohio University, about 100 students gathered in the student center and refused to leave at midnight (when the center closes), saying that they were occupying the building to protest the failure to indict the police officer who shot Brown, The Columbus Dispatch reported. University staffers, after trying without success to get the students to leave, said that they could stay.

On some campuses, protests were held in advance of the announcement. Students at the University of Maryland at College Park marched Monday to protest what they called the "militarization" of the campus police force, CBS DC News reported. They held their hands in the air, a symbol of the Michael Brown protests, and called on the university to stop its policy of letting police officers carry M16 assault weapons. University officials said that the weapons were needed because the campus has nuclear materials.

St. Louis Community College, which has a campus in Ferguson, announced on Twitter Monday night that all campuses would be closed until December 1.



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