Infographic: Campus Racial Climate Expectations and Observations

Students speak out about what they’ve seen and what they expect from their colleges with regard to racial justice and climate.

May 14, 2021
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Racial justice has gotten renewed attention in the past year, both within campus environments (even those functioning remotely) and in surrounding communities. That has impacted what students are experiencing and what they believe colleges should be doing, reveals the latest Student Voice survey, conducted by Inside Higher Ed and College Pulse and presented by Kaplan.

The survey of 2,000 students, conducted April 5 to 15, includes representation from all races, including more than 1,100 white students and about 800 people of color (with the remaining respondents not selecting any of the races listed).

Below are some highlights from the survey results; more data and an analysis of top results can be found here. To explore the data further, request the full survey results.

Student Voice explores higher education from the perspective of students, providing unique insights on their attitudes and opinions. Kaplan provides funding and insights to support Inside Higher Ed’s coverage of student polling data from College Pulse. Inside Higher Ed maintains editorial independence and full discretion over its coverage.

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