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Veterans Day 2020

Wick Sloane's annual survey of veteran enrollment at highly selective colleges finds bright spots amid otherwise stagnant totals.

Stop Sending Other People's Children to War

In a coda to his annual survey of veterans at selective colleges, Wick Sloane implores for an end to this practice.

Postsecondary Paradox

Colleges and universities have an opportunity to better serve millions of Americans adults without a postsecondary degree, Dave Clayton writes.

Focusing on Student Veterans' Strengths

Researchers advocate for colleges to view student veterans more holistically, using a survey to determine their greatest strengths.

Cautious Interest in College Among Working Adults

Working adults increasingly are interested in pursuing postsecondary education, but they are also less confident about the value of college.

A One-Day Difference

A Trump administration policy could deny education benefits to National Guard members helping states fight the coronavirus. Criticism mounts of plan to end deployment after 89 days instead of the 90 required for eligibility.

Hardest-Hit Industries and Job Plans of Workers

A weekly survey looked at job loss and education plans across different industries, finding workers prefer nondegree training over completing college degrees.

Improving NYC's Tech Training

What must change in New York City's tech training landscape to ensure that employees in the industry reflect the city's diversity?