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Giving to Colleges Up 2.3%

Increase only marginally exceeds rate of inflation, survey finds.

$10 Million for Telling the Truth

Donors impressed by Bucknell's handling of a scandal give university its third-largest gift.

A Challenge to the Wealthy

As Australian universities get into the fund-raising game, an international financier sets the pace with a $50 million donation and encourages others to follow suit.

Flat-Out Disappointment

College endowments averaged a small loss for the 2012 fiscal year -- the third year of losses since 2007 -- highlighting growing uncertainty about a once robust and predictable revenue stream.

Stop Raiding the Treasury

Why should donations that finance luxurious buildings and half-million-dollar salaries at wealthy colleges be tax-deductible? Explain it to the students in Wick Sloane's 7 a.m. community college classes, he writes.

The Fund-Raising Cliff?

Colleges, fearing reductions in charitable giving, argue strongly against Republican proposals to limit deductions.

As Harvard Goes...

Preliminary data from annual survey of college endowments show that institutions averaged a small loss in investment wealth, with institutions of all size seeing minimal returns.

No More Easy Money

Finance officials say languid endowment returns are another revenue constraint for colleges and universities, driving more discussion about cuts.