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Practically Divesting

Pitzer's decision to divest some -- but not yet all -- of its fossil fuel holdings challenges assumptions about colleges' obligation to grow their endowment funds.

Fossil Fuel Free Investments

Pitzer will sell holdings -- a rare move for a college with an endowment of its size.

A Sustainable Campus

A former college president identifies 9 elements for success.

Divestment Can Pay Off

Harvard won't sell off its holdings in fossil fuel companies. But Stephen Mulkey explains why the small college he leads did so -- and is benefiting financially and educationally.

Harvard Says No

University president says she doesn't believe selling holdings in fossil fuel companies is "warranted or wise," and suggests doing so would be inconsistent with how students and professors use energy.

Higher Ed Heat Wave

At colleges in regions unaccustomed to the extreme heat, students and employees try their best to stay cool.

Higher Education Can't Wait

Talk about fundamental changes is well and good, but colleges can and should adopt proven reforms (expanding access to bottleneck courses, lowering textbook costs) right now, write Gene Hickok and Tom Shaver.

It’s Only Getting Hotter

After winning over boards of some small colleges, movement to divest endowments from fossil fuel companies gains momentum. But while pressure is likely to increase, wealthy institutions worry about financial cost.