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Faculty Wants Pensions Out of Fossil Fuels

Encouraged by shifting markets and successful divestment campaigns at individual institutions, professors are ramping up efforts to get TIAA to go green.

Oil Money Undermines Academic Autonomy

Universities should ban fossil fuel industry funding for research on climate change and energy, Jake Lowe and Connor Chung write.

New Affiliate Network Launches to Meet Colleges’ Needs

Core Education Services will help small and midsize colleges with such challenges as employee recruitment, enrollment and technology modernization, among other things.

High Oil Prices Offer Endowment Boost

Oil prices are on a major upswing and paying off for some endowments, even as colleges face pressure to divest from fossil fuels over climate change concerns.

An Outage, Silence and Finally, Acknowledgment of a Cyberattack

For three weeks, Whitworth University stayed mostly mum about network and website outages, prompting speculation about ransomware and frustrating professors and students. Wednesday it acknowledged a cyberattack.

The Campus Child Care Crisis

Emporia State will close its campus child care center next year. Parents are pushing back, highlighting the nationwide shortage of affordable options in higher education and beyond.

Colleges Face a Student Housing Squeeze

Some colleges attribute long wait lists for campus housing to heightened demand for a residential experience following two-plus years of COVID-19 disruptions.

A Cash-Strapped Public University Turns to the Private Sector

Officials at Eastern Michigan University say a new public-private partnership is the only way to solve their student housing woes. Some worry about a slide toward privatization.