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Harvard Scholars: President Has Been Mum About Palestinians

Nearly 80 Harvard scholars have signed a letter accusing the university administration of refusing “to actively protect the free speech...

Cornell Leaders Condemn Prof. ‘Exhilarated’ by Hamas Attack

Cornell University’s top leaders are condemning an associate history professor’s statement at a rally that Hamas’s recent deadly attack on...
A photo illustration with a photograph of David Boyles, an Arizona State University instructor, next to a photograph of the university's campus.

Arizona State Instructor Followed, Injured by Turning Point USA Crew

Police investigate an altercation with a queer ASU educator as possible aggravated assault by an operative of the right-wing group.

A close-up of a pink highlighter being used to highlight a dictionary entry for the word "language."

Plain Language Is Key to DEI in Academe

Academics have an opportunity to make more accessible linguistic choices, Shawna Shapiro and Laura Aull write.

A photograph of students walking at the University of Arizona.

Arizona Faculty Threatened After Online Commotion Over Gender Teaching

College of Nursing employees were called "groomers" and received threats in response to Libs of TikTok's posting of two class slides. Faculty members are criticizing the university’s response.

An illustration of the acronym "DEI" on fire. A gas can visible in the upper right-hand corner of the illustration is fueling the flames.

4 Ways Universities Gaslight DEI Initiatives

The slowdown, the pushback, the shutdown and the blowback are all common gaslighting tactics, Megan MacKenzie, Özlem Sensoy, Genevieve Fuji Johnson, Nathalie Sinclair and Laurel Weldon write.

Photos of three academics who would've been on a now-canceled panel: Silvia Carrasco, Kathleen Lowrey and Elizabeth Weiss

‘Let’s Talk About Sex,’ or ‘Let’s Platform Transphobia’? Association Cancels a Panel

Five controversial female scholars were set to speak on sex and gender at next month’s big anthropology conference. Other academics alleged they were pushing harmful views conflicting with “settled science.”

Judge Dismisses UT Austin Professor’s Bias Suit Against Texas A&M

A judge has dismissed a University of Texas at Austin professor’s lawsuit against Texas A&M University. The white male professor...