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A photo illustration with a photo of Canan Bilen-Green on the left and, on the right, a photo of a buffalo statue on campus that stands atop a sign saying "North Dakota State University."

Firing Reopens ‘Old Wound’ Regarding Treatment of Women

North Dakota State’s ouster of a female vice provost is part of a pattern, women at the university say. Lawyers, in unusual release of documents, say her office mishandled discrimination complaints.

A Black woman is seen talking with a white woman.

Barriers to Tenure and Promotion Persist for Psychology Faculty of Color

A report by the American Psychological Association outlines the barriers many faculty members of color face and calls for increased transparency in the tenure and promotion process.

A photo illustration showing a photo of David Griffith-Jones on a laptop.

Pressure on Controversial Online Econ Forum Continues

A July presentation from researchers pulled back the veil a bit about who posts on EJMR. A website now claims it knows the administrator’s identity, but David Griffith-Jones says he’s no longer involved.

A photograph of a Vassar College building in the snow.

Faculty Gender Pay Disparities Persist, Even at Vassar

Men have historically made more than women in academe—and for full professors, the gap has widened in recent years. The issue has spawned litigation at a Seven Sisters institution.

An close-up image of text of the Princeton Principles.

New Academic Freedom Principles Open Door to Outside Intervention

The Princeton Principles—endorsed by a program and some professors at the university, but not Princeton itself—say off-campus actors “should become involved” in some instances.

A photograph of striking University of Michigan graduate student workers, holding purple and white strike signs.

Days Before Classes Resume, Michigan Reaches Deal With Grad Student Union

Many graduate student instructors and staff assistants walked off the job March 29, ceasing their teaching and causing grading havoc in some departments. A proposed deal may prevent the strike’s resumption this fall.

A photo illustration showing, on the left, UC Riverside's campus and, on the right, Andrea Smith.

Professor Leaving University After Being Dubbed ‘Pretendian’ for Years

University of California, Riverside, professor resigns after colleagues alleged her Cherokee heritage claims were fraudulent. She remained employed in academe despite years of denunciations.

A photograph of Trinity College's campus.

‘Constitutional Crisis’ at Trinity?

A dispute at the Connecticut college over two deans’ behavior has administrators and professors at loggerheads regarding the limits of the faculty’s investigative authority.