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Developing Adjuncts

Non-tenure-track faculty members say they want more convenient, compensated professional development.

New Move in Union-Busting?

Duquesne U. adjuncts are angry over what they see as a thinly-veiled threat not to rehire those colleagues involved in a long-running union drive.

A Weaker 'Yeshiva'?

Point Park U recognizes a faculty union -- after 12 years and many battles. Could this be sign that NLRB has eroded power of a Supreme Court ruling that limited collective bargaining at private colleges?

Summer Unemployment Reality

Adjuncts at one California college recently won a contract provision that they believe will help them receive benefits during months they don't have teaching positions.

Threat to Faculty Unions

U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear case that could effectively make dues optional for professors at public colleges and universities.

AAUP Censures 4 Institutions

Association's annual meeting on academic freedom issues features a debate on whether Steven Salaita's rights were violated and consensus that Wisconsin politicians are undermining their university system.

Negotiating Balance

Can work-life balance provisions be successfully integrated into faculty collective bargaining agreements?

Contracts Up Close

Academic labor conference panel discussion focuses on contract provisions for adjuncts that go beyond better pay. Data suggest larger gains for part-timers in bargaining units that are separate from full-time faculty.