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‘Egregious Misconduct’ by Alzheimer’s Drug Researcher Is Alleged

A researcher whose work was integral to the development of the Alzheimer’s drug simufilam has been found by the City...

Columbia, MIT Professors Win Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Professors at Columbia University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, according to...
Photos of three academics who would've been on a now-canceled panel: Silvia Carrasco, Kathleen Lowrey and Elizabeth Weiss

‘Let’s Talk About Sex,’ or ‘Let’s Platform Transphobia’? Association Cancels a Panel

Five controversial female scholars were set to speak on sex and gender at next month’s big anthropology conference. Other academics alleged they were pushing harmful views conflicting with “settled science.”

Yale to Pay U.S. $1.5 Million in Patent Dispute

Yale University and one of its researchers have agreed to pay $1.5 million to settle allegations that they failed to...
A photo illustration showing a photo of David Griffith-Jones on a laptop.

Pressure on Controversial Online Econ Forum Continues

A July presentation from researchers pulled back the veil a bit about who posts on EJMR. A website now claims it knows the administrator’s identity, but David Griffith-Jones says he’s no longer involved.

An close-up image of text of the Princeton Principles.

New Academic Freedom Principles Open Door to Outside Intervention

The Princeton Principles—endorsed by a program and some professors at the university, but not Princeton itself—say off-campus actors “should become involved” in some instances.

Embattled Reading Project at Teachers College Will ‘Dissolve’

Teachers College of Columbia University says it is “dissolving” its Reading and Writing Project after more than 40 years. The...
Rutgers University strikers hold up signs saying "We R On Strike for a Better Rutgers."

Grad Worker Unionization Is Booming, Even Down South

Organizing is surging into private universities, and strikes have increased as well.