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The Struggles of a Hybrid President

The president of Paul Smith’s College resigned last week after a hybrid work arrangement didn’t pan out. Remote employment is catching on in higher ed—but probably not for top administrators.

Do No Harm

Former graduate students in clinical counseling accuse Johns Hopkins of forcing them out of the program.

The End of Faculty Tenure

Marc Stein argues declines in tenure density constitute the greatest threat U.S. higher education has ever faced.

Foreign-Born Faculty May Bring Different Expectations

Immigrant engineering faculty may face challenges in navigating American classroom cultures and the societal context for diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, Mariappan Jawaharlal writes.

Creating a Friendlier Syllabus

Course syllabi set the tone for the whole semester. With the help of a new tool kit, some instructors are overhauling theirs to make them more welcoming, inclusive and focused on student success.

Predators on the Network

Researcher says it’s time to study, then stop, child sex trafficking in higher education. Her new paper showing that predators skew white, male and academic is a start.

Remediation Is Not the Enemy

John Schlueter writes that emphases on corequisite reform risk depriving vulnerable students of the learning opportunities that developmental education can provide.

Centering Discomfort

Drawing on her experiences as seemingly the only atheist in her undergraduate theology and philosophy classes, Mairead Carr writes about how we need to rethink the issue of censorship in college.