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‘To Drink From the Well’

Author discusses her book on “the struggle for racial equality” at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Equity and Justice in Teaching Quantitative Methods

While such methods are often considered value-free and unbiased, we must recognize how our classroom practices can reinforce oppressive ideologies and narratives, writes Kamden K. Strunk.

Students Need Mentors, and More Help in Making Those Connections

Nine strategies and tactics for ensuring more students desire a mentor and expanding opportunities for connection.

Harvard Student Workers Strike -- Again

Graduate assistants and undergraduate tutors stop working for three days to push for a second union contract that offers more protections than their first -- including a union shop.

Food Pantries Merge to Fight Campus Hunger

Swipe Out Hunger and the College and University Food Bank Alliance join forces to reach more campuses and end food insecurity for students.

Fired for Tweeting About Mike Pence?

Two former faculty members sue Collin College, saying they were let go for criticizing the college’s COVID-19 response and otherwise exercising their right to free expression.

A Pedagogy of Trust in the Classroom

Should we professors set aside at times the well-meaning how-to-think ethos, asks Scott Parker, in favor of forcefully articulating which ideas are permissible or not?

Tighter Regulations for For-Profits?

The Department of Education begins the process of writing new regulations limiting what for-profit institutions can count as nonfederal sources of revenue with two public hearings this week.