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‘Crazy Catch-22’

University System of Georgia professors demand a mask mandate and more options for teaching students in quarantine. System considers disciplinary action, up to suspension, for professors who take COVID-19 mitigation into their own hands.

Libertarian Students Fight Campus Vaccine Mandates

Young Americans for Liberty organizes protests and petitions on 23 public campuses, arguing the organization “is not anti-vaccine, but rather anti-vaccine mandate.”

New Programs: Nursing, Strength and Conditioning, Cannabis, Avionics

Holy Names University is starting a doctor of nursing practice program. Logan University is starting an M.S. in strength and...

Tenure Awarded… at U of Scranton, U of Texas at San Antonio

University of Scranton Peter Andersen, management, marketing and entrepreneurship Michael Landram, health and human performance Wendy Manetti, nursing Katherine Stumpo...

Could You Repeat the Question?

Pandemic issues aside, as faculty members return to in-person classes, age-related hearing problems are a tough obstacle that’s just going to get worse, argues David Galef.

Captioning for All

For accessibility reasons alone, online classes and Zoom meetings should routinely offer a captioning option, but it has additional benefits, write David G. Myers and Morton Ann Gernsbacher.

Reshaping the Future of Tutoring

Colleges and universities should reimagine student tutoring by incorporating new cognitive approaches, argue Daniel G. Long II and Jason Kapcala.

How Online Learning Fits in This Fall

Colleges are taking different approaches in terms of how they’re using online learning in the second fall with COVID.