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Questioning College-Wide Assessments

Study calls Spellings Commission recommendation "misleading" because of wide differences in outcomes by academic discipline.

AAU Gets on Board

Research university group plans voluntary accountability system, but Spellings panel chairman knocks pace of reporting.

Showdown Looms on Accreditation

Education Dept. offers compromise on measuring learning outcomes, but colleges say plan would still "federalize" accreditation.

A Dish Best Served Cold

Shakespeare wrote one of the most savage plays in the canon. Scott McLemee visits the dark side.

The Part-Time Impact

Students not enrolled full time have less faculty interaction -- and so do full-timers at colleges with many part-timers, study finds.

Redefining Academic Freedom

AFT seeks to reshape the debate about a core value by emphasizing issues of job security, or lack thereof, for adjuncts.

Explaining the Accreditation Debate

Here's why the work of a U.S. panel reviewing federal rules on accreditation matters.

Encouraging Faculty Retirements

More colleges offer incentives for tenured professors to end careers -- sometimes through gradual shift away from full-time work, report finds.