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Redefining Academic Freedom

AFT seeks to reshape the debate about a core value by emphasizing issues of job security, or lack thereof, for adjuncts.

Explaining the Accreditation Debate

Here's why the work of a U.S. panel reviewing federal rules on accreditation matters.

Encouraging Faculty Retirements

More colleges offer incentives for tenured professors to end careers -- sometimes through gradual shift away from full-time work, report finds.

A New Campaign on Adjuncts

NEA releases own draft of plan to promote equity and full-time jobs. Its approach differs from other unions, but faces similar tensions.

When Is Student Learning 'Good Enough'?

Almost from the beginning of its work, the Secretary of Education’s Commission on the Future of Higher Education made it...

Languages Without Language Faculty

Foundation's embrace of Drake's unusual approach raises question: Are there better ways to learn Spanish than with a Spanish professor?

Texans and Their Tests

Governor links new funds for higher ed to required exit exams. He sees accountability. Others see Spellings Commission's dark side.

The New Assessment Market

Blackboard's push brings one of higher ed's biggest companies into new field -- welcome news for some, worrisome for others.