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Diversifying Study Abroad

At international education meeting, speakers discuss ways to attract nonwhite and low-income students.

Australia Bullish on Foreign Students

Number of enrolled international students rises 10 percent, and government officials say policy changes position the country well against competitors in Europe and North America.

Not-So-Great Expectations

At a conference for international education administrators, sessions focus on whether universities are setting high enough expectations for students when they study abroad.

Easier Path to Cuba

Obama's announcement on resumption of diplomatic relations also broadens the kinds of educational travel that may now be possible.

International Enrollment Up

Report shows 8.1 percent increase in international student enrollment at U.S. universities and 2.1 percent growth in the number of Americans studying abroad.

Duty While Students Are Abroad

Several higher education organizations say a court decision in a negligence case stemming from a prep school study abroad case places too heavy a burden on schools and colleges to account for risks.

Monitoring the Ebola Outbreak

The deadly outbreak has a few colleges and universities changing plans, but the countries that have been hit hard are not places that send large numbers to the U.S. or that attract many study abroad students.

Should They Stay or Go?

With conflict in Gaza ongoing, some universities with study abroad programs in Israel suspend programs while others stay the course.