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Wheeling University Suspends President Immediately

Wheeling University suspended its president Tuesday evening, with pay and effective immediately, according to local news reports. The Wheeling News-Register...
A photo of UNC Greensboro's campus.

Another Wave of Campus Cuts

Numerous colleges announced or completed plans to cut academic programs or jobs in February. Many of those institutions are in the Midwest—particularly Ohio.

Kentucky University Leaders Defend Diversity, in Differing Ways

The leaders of Kentucky’s two largest public universities have, with differing degrees of directness, spoken out in recent days about...

Payroll Issues Prompt Canceled Classes at Saint Augustine’s

Some professors at struggling Saint Augustine’s University have unilaterally canceled classes, citing payroll problems. Now administrators are reassuring students that...

Columbia College Chicago President Steps Down

Columbia College Chicago president and CEO Kwang-Wu Kim is stepping down after recent tensions with faculty members and with cuts...

Donors Sue to Block Webster Endowment Reclassification

Donors, including a former trustee, are suing to block Webster University from reclassifying endowment funds to meet the terms of...
A graphic of a hand holding up a bullhorn emitting an empty white speech bubble, against a black background.

The Presidential Voice

Leaders need to reset expectations around how and when they comment on world events, Suzanne M. Rivera writes.

A photo of L. Song Richardson with text from her resignation letter overlaid.

Constrained by the Presidency

Colorado College president L. Song Richardson is stepping down in order to “fully engage” in national debates in a way she feels unable to do in her current role.