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A photo of Harvard University president Claudine Gay

Harvard President Resigns Amid Controversy

Claudine Gay resigned Tuesday after weeks of withering criticism over missteps at a congressional hearing and numerous allegations of plagiarism.

Harvard president Claudine Gay, a Black woman wearing black-framed glasses, at a congressional hearing in December.

Harvard President to Step Down Amid Controversy

Besieged by charges of plagiarism—on top of a disastrous appearance before a congressional hearing on antisemitism—Claudine Gay resigned after the shortest presidency in Harvard history.

UW La Crosse Chancellor Fired After Appearing in Adult Videos

University of Wisconsin–La Crosse chancellor Joe Gow was fired Wednesday for appearing with his wife in pornographic content on at...
A photo of a sign in a window reading "closed."

A Look Back at College Closures and Mergers

More than a dozen colleges announced closures this year. Most struggled with enrollment issues that only accelerated after the coronavirus pandemic.

Fired Saint Augustine’s President Files EEOC Complaint

Former Saint Augustine’s University president Christine Johnson McPhail, who was recently fired by the SAU Board of Trustees , has...

UNC Taps Former State Official as Interim Chancellor

Lee Roberts, a member of the University of North Carolina Board of Governors and a former Republican state official, has...
A photo illustration of University of Arizona financial documents.

Big Changes to U of Arizona’s Financial Oversight

In the wake of a multimillion-dollar miscalculation, university leaders announce cuts and a new CFO to help fix the financial mess.

Photo illustration of Harvard president Claudine Gay.

Harvard Board Backs Embattled President

The Harvard Corporation came to Claudine Gay’s defense Tuesday, showing unanimous support in the face of mounting tensions and calls for her ouster.