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Northeast Accreditor Announces New Leader

Oglethorpe University president Lawrence Schall will succeed Barbara Brittingham at the New England Commission of Higher Education. The leaders discuss the change and accreditation issues to watch in the future.

College Leaders: Don't Waste This Crisis, for Students’ Sake

Rather than hoping for a return to normal, colleges and universities should use this moment to do three difficult things: fix transfer, increase need-based aid and advance teaching quality, Joshua Wyner writes.

New Presidents or Provosts: Baruch College, Central State U, Centre College, Glenville State College, Master's U, Santa Clara U, Simmons U

Sam Horn, executive vice president for enrollment and ministerial advancement at Bob Jones University, in South Carolina, has been chosen...

Who Holds Professional Positions in Higher Ed, and Who Gets Paid?

Women and minority professionals are gaining representation in several higher education employment areas but continue to hold leadership roles less often than their white male counterparts.

Shared Governance Is a Strength During the COVID-19 Crisis

Colleges that share information and consult broadly with diverse constituencies have been able to respond more effectively than those that rely on top-down decision making, writes Marjorie Hass.