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The Political College President

Paul LeBlanc, Southern New Hampshire's president, endorsed a presidential candidate. He and Jerry Falwell Jr. talk about how political a university leader can be.

New Presidents or Provosts: Keuka College, Lancaster U, Limestone College, Pennsylvania State U-Brandywine, Queen's U, San José City College, U of Mobile, U of Wisconsin-Stout

Monica Baloga, vice president for academic administration at the Florida Institute of Technology, has been selected as provost at Limestone...

Quitting Over Fossil Fuels

McGill professor resigns over university's repeated votes to keep investing in fossil fuels.

Many Nonprofit College Programs Would Fail Gainful Test

Data in a new online tool raise questions about how well public and nonprofit colleges and universities are doing in helping students earn enough to repay their debt.

Hasty Departure for Head of Calif.'s New Online College

After less than a year on the job, Heather Hiles is stepping down as CEO of Calbright College, California's new online-only community college.