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Zayed University Faces Loss of Middle States Accreditation

Zayed University, in the United Arab Emirates, faces the loss of its U.S. accreditation unless it can show the Middle...
A collection of human cut-out paper figures of varying colors and genders placed flat against a blue background, illustrating the concept of diversity.

Transparency Is First Step Toward More Diversity in Leadership

Colleges should be required to report demographic data for presidents, provosts, deans, department chairs and trustees, Andrea Silbert writes.

Jason Lane, Higher Ed Researcher, to Lead State System Group

The National Association of System Heads, which includes leaders of dozens of public college and university systems that educate roughly...
A man in an orange jumpsuit sits on a bed reading a book behind bars.

Reinstating Pell Grants in Prisons Moves Slowly After 26-Year Ban

Pell Grants were officially restored for incarcerated students in July. But helping them access the funds is a multi-step process for colleges and corrections agencies.

UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Finalist for Michigan State Job

Michigan State University appears poised to hire University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz as its next...
Photo illustration of University Arizona's campus and UA president Robert Robbins

University of Arizona Miscalculated by Millions

UA has much less cash on hand than the Board of Regents requires. The faculty is accusing the administration of financial mismanagement.

AAUP: Critiques of Israel Aren’t ‘Invariably Antisemitic’

The American Association of University Professors said Wednesday it “rejects the characterization of pro-Palestinian speech or critiques of the Israeli...
A man wearing glasses with technology overlaid to "digitize" him

AI Voice Clones and Deepfakes: The Latest Presidents’ Engagement Tools

Artificial intelligence is allowing university presidents to reach students in new ways—and forms. But experts warn to proceed with caution.