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Move to Vacate Tennessee State Board Advances

Tennessee’s Senate Education Committee voted Wednesday to vacate the Tennessee State University Board of Trustees, which would sweep out the...
A photo illustration combining snippets of bills from Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Utah and Wyoming and a map of the U.S. highlighting those states.

Civil Rights Groups Push Back Against Wave of Anti-DEI Bills

So far this year, at least five state legislatures have passed bills seeking to curtail diversity, equity and inclusion in higher education. This year’s batch may seep more into the classroom.

State Monitor Urges NJCU to Sell Assets, Seek Partner

An independent state-appointed monitor issued a series of recommendations for struggling New Jersey City University, including that it sell off...
A photo illustration of a target with the word "regents" imposed over it.

Regents on the Hot Seat

Boards in Arizona, Hawaii, Michigan and Wisconsin, have faced shake-ups and threats of removal recently amid culture war clashes and self-inflicted controversies.

The Obstacles to Diversifying Governing Boards

Colleges continue to face significant obstacles as they try to diversify their governing boards, a new report from the Association...

Indiana Governor Signs Bill Tying Tenure to ‘Intellectual Diversity’

On Wednesday, Indiana’s Republican governor signed a controversial bill diminishing diversity, equity and inclusion programs and tenure protections in the...
A photo of an hourglass, with the dropping of sand signaling the passage of time.

A Case for Term Limits for College Leaders

Term limits would create conditions for more visionary and collaborative leadership, Binnur Ozkececi-Taner writes.

Moody’s Lowers University of Arizona Outlook to Negative

Moody’s Investors Service has downgraded the University of Arizona’s outlook from stable to negative amid the fallout of a financial...