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New Affiliate Network Launches to Meet Colleges’ Needs

Core Education Services will help small and midsize colleges with such challenges as employee recruitment, enrollment and technology modernization, among other things.

History Hiring in the Pandemic

New report from the American Historical Association shows that job ads, a proxy for faculty hiring, declined dramatically in 2020–21 but have started to rebound. The long-term outlook remains sobering.

Bringing Back Stop-Outs

Four University of California campuses are joining forces to boost enrollment by recruiting former UC students who left without completing a degree.

Debt Relief for All Former ITT Students

Total debt is $3.9 billion. The Education Department also announced that it will seek to recoup $24 million from DeVry University.

For-Profits Seek to Intervene in Federal Borrower-Defense Settlement

The motion could delay the discharges of $6 billion in student debt arranged by the recent settlement by the Department of Education in Sweet v. Cardona.

Borrower-Defense Claims Could Be Paid by Colleges

Newly proposed regulations from the Education Department would create clear steps to hold colleges accountable to paying for recouped federal student loans.

What Biden’s Title IX Rules Mean for Due Process

Critics of newly proposed Title IX regulations fear that the Biden administration is stripping away due process; others believe the Department of Education is striking an appropriate balance.

Gainful Employment Change Could Harm For-Profits

New study shows that twice the number of for-profit colleges could fail under potential changes to gainful employment by the Biden administration than would have under the old rules.