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Two logos crossed out with question marks

A Rebrand Gone Awry Prompts a Redo

Mississippi University for Women got more pushback than its leaders expected when they rolled out a new name for the institution. Alumni especially piled on.

Survey Finds Obstacles to Growing HBCU Endowments

A survey of endowment professionals at private historically Black colleges and universities found that these institutions face a range of...
A photograph of demonstrators holding umbrellas and signs, one of which says "Faculty Working Conditions Are Student Learning Conditions” and others of which say “CFA On Strike!”

Why Did the Cal State Strike End After Just 1 Day?

California State University’s systemwide strike quickly ended with a tentative agreement. Some faculty members are urging a no vote on what union leaders say is an “excellent” deal.

Florida Career College to Close

Florida Career College, a for-profit institution whose ability to tap federal financial aid funds was cut off by the U.S...
Four smiling students walk together in front of a campus building.

Enrollments Rise After Pandemic-Related Declines

Undergraduate enrollment is up again, according to new data. Community colleges focused on vocational training in particular made major gains last fall.

A photograph of strikers, holding umbrellas and signs, including one saying "CFA On Strike!"

Cal State System Strike Begins, Ends in 1 Day

The university, the country’s largest four-year public institution by enrollment, didn’t concede to the union’s demand for a 12 percent raise this academic year.

Spelman Receives Historic $100M Donation

Spelman College, a historically Black women’s college in Atlanta, has received a $100 million gift, the largest single donation to...
Posters that read "my body, my choice" cover a display of small black crosses on the Freedom Wall at Pepperdine University.

Christian Colleges Navigate Abortion Debates in a Post-Roe World

Some scholars say discussions of the topic are now more nuanced and complex. Antiabortion activists believe the discourse has become too permissive.