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A Push for Public Health

Impending retirements at time of cascading crises prompt expansion in college programs in the field.

A Call for More Doctors

Medical college association calls for a 30% increase in enrollments, to be achieved at existing schools and new ones.

Show Us the Money

When it comes to endowments, most colleges don't tell students and alumni how they spend funds, survey finds.

Next Big Thing for Community Colleges?

Officials want to upgrade "2+2" vocational programs to more sophisticated collaborations between secondary and postsecondary ed.

The Abandonment of Community Colleges

New study shows just how far away state and local governments have moved from supporting 2-year institutions.

Under the Robes of Clerical Education

Study finds seminaries of many faiths face new educational challenges -- and new diversity among students.

Class Dismissed

Pennsylvania attorney general shutters "diploma mill" and launches litigation offensive against the owner.

New Requirement for Med Schools

At more institutions, admitted applicants face criminal background checks.