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Enough With the Culture Wars

Stanford’s first-year program revives the concept of a shared curriculum without reigniting battles over Western civ and literary canons, Dan Edelstein writes in a response to Mark Bauerlein.

Integrating STEM and the Humanities

The humanities are thriving at science and technology–oriented universities, Richard Utz writes in a response to Mark Bauerlein.

The California Student Housing Crunch

With rents higher than tuition and fees at many California colleges, a growing number of students face housing insecurity, forced to live in hotels or cars. Institutions can’t build dorms fast enough.

Fundraising Its Way Out of Financial Trouble

COVID-19 stimulus funding masked Hannibal-LaGrange’s financial issues. Now its transitional president is working to build a more sustainable business model for the small Baptist college.

A Third Attempt to Close Calbright College

California lawmakers are trying to close Calbright College for a third consecutive year. Will they be successful this time?

Calvin and Research Center Split Over LGBTQ Rights

An employee quit in order to speak freely about her same-sex marriage. Now students and alumni are pressuring the evangelical university to reform its discriminatory policies on sexuality.

Tuition Freezes Thaw at Some Community Colleges

A number of community colleges are raising tuition ahead of the 2022–23 academic year.

War in Ukraine Disrupts Medical Education in India

India lacks enough spaces in medical schools, so for years the country has relied on Ukraine to fill the gap for low-income students.