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There have been 1,080 “scholar sanction attempts” since 2000, about a fifth of which resulted in firings, the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression says in its latest report.

Of those fired, 73 percent were nontenured, says the report, “Scholars Under Fire: Attempts to Sanction Scholars from 2000 to 2022.” The report, released Thursday, says it includes “all sanction attempts from 2000 to 2022 that we discovered before March 8, 2023.”

“The frequency of sanction attempts has dramatically increased since 2014, with 877 of 1,080, or 81 percent, of sanction attempts occurring during the past eight years,” FIRE says.

The document also discusses the political and group provenance of these “sanction attempts.”

Over all, the authors wrote, “Individuals and groups from the political left of the scholar” initiated 560 of the sanction attempts, while “those from the political right of the scholar” started 442.

Three-quarters of the 402 “sanction attempts” initiated by undergraduate students tended “to come from the left of the scholar,” as did 82 percent of the 177 attempts from fellow scholars, the report said.

But off-campus group sanction attempts tended to be initiated from the right, the report said. That includes 78 percent of the 77 attempts from the public and 86 percent of the 74 attempts from government officials.