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A professor at Madera Community College in California was reportedly suspended for handing out chocolate bars with packaging that mocked trans people.

David Richardson allegedly gave out the candy bars at an April 29 open house on campus. He later received a letter of suspension and is under investigation regarding whether he created “a hostile work environment based on gender.” The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, a free speech advocacy organization, sent a letter to college leaders this week urging them to reverse course. Richardson self-describes as a gay conservative, Fox News reported.

The chocolate bars are made by Jeremy’s Razors, a company founded by Jeremy Boreing, co-CEO of the conservative news site The Daily Wire. The chocolate bars come in two varieties, one called “HeHim” that has nuts and one called “SheHer” that doesn’t. The packaging says “microaggression-size” on it. The product is intended to make fun of Hershey for releasing a special edition chocolate bar called “HER for SHE,” some of which featured a trans woman.

“Some chocolate companies don't even know what a woman is. But we do,” the product description on the Jeremy’s Razors website reads. “Indulge in the chocolate binary. One with nuts, one without. You know which is which.”

This isn’t the first time Richardson has had friction with colleagues over gender pronouns. Richardson filed a lawsuit against the State Center Community College District last year for requiring him to do a diversity, equity and inclusion training after he listed “Do, Re, Mi” as his pronouns at a session on pronoun etiquette for faculty members.