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University of Washington postdoctoral researchers and research scientists and engineers announced Thursday that they have paused their strike after reaching tentative agreements with the institution that would grant significant raises, among other things.

The strike began June 7.

In an email, the university said, “We are pleased to have reached agreements with the postdocs and the research scientists and engineers. Details on the agreements will be available once the contracts are ratified.”

Becca Bluett, a member of the postdoc bargaining committee for UAW 4121, said the deal, if approved by union members, would increase two types of postdocs’ minimum salaries from $65,500 to $68,460 and provide 2 percent raises to those who are already above the new minimum, all effective Jan. 1.

The deal would also mean more members of a third category of postdocs, who aren’t eligible for university health insurance, could receive a $500 stipend, Bluett said.

As for research scientists/engineers, who have different minimums for different job titles, they would receive 33 percent increases to their minimums by the end of a three-year contract, with no less than 12.5 percent raises across the board, she said.

“We’re just really excited about what we’ve been able to accomplish—both units are,” she said. “I think there’s still a fair amount of frustration at the way the university administration conducted itself through this process, but we’re all really excited to move past it and get back to the work we love.”

In a news release, the unions thanked other workers for their solidarity, including the UAW 4121’s Academic Student Employees, “as well as delivery drivers, construction workers, UW staff and others.”