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The Florida State Board of Education approved a new rule Wednesday detailing the disciplinary action colleges must take for employees who don’t use the bathroom corresponding to the sex they were assigned at birth, Business Insider reported.

The rule states that the Florida College System—which includes 28 two- and four-year institutions and is separate from the State University System of Florida—can “utilize a progressive discipline process” for offenders that includes “verbal warnings, written reprimands, suspension without pay, and termination,” noting that “a second documented offense must result in a termination.”

But it needn’t take two offenses for a college to level such a punishment. “Nothing in this rule prohibits an institution from immediately terminating an employee for such a violation,” it reads.

The new rule elaborates on the raft of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation Florida governor Ron DeSantis signed in May, which among other things requires people to use restrooms and changing rooms that correspond to their sex at birth.