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Arizona State University is slated to become the first higher education institution to partner with the artificial intelligence company OpenAI, which will give ASU students and faculty access to its most advanced iteration of ChatGPT.

OpenAI announced the partnership Thursday. The deal, for an undisclosed sum, aims to bolster research and coursework at ASU through the use of ChatGPT Enterprise, which focuses on larger entities instead of individual use.

“ASU recognizes that augmented and artificial intelligence systems are here to stay, and we are optimistic about their ability to become incredible tools that help students to learn, learn more quickly and understand subjects more thoroughly,” ASU president Michael Crow said in a statement. “Our collaboration with OpenAI reflects our philosophy and our commitment to participating directly [in] the responsible evolution of AI learning technologies.”

With the new access come lofty plans. Among other things, ASU wants to create AI avatars that can serve as study buddies for students. The university also plans to create a personalized AI tutor with a focus on STEM topics.

In February, ASU will ask faculty to brainstorm potential uses of ChatGPT geared toward enhancing student success, advancing innovative research and streamlining organizational processes.

“Research shows that nearly two-thirds of organizations are already actively exploring the integration of AI,” said ASU chief information officer Lev Gonick in a statement. “By providing access to advanced AI capabilities, these tools are leveling the playing field, allowing individuals and organizations—regardless of size or resources—to harness the power of AI for creative and innovative endeavors.”

ASU has long prized innovation. Officials created an immersive virtual reality world to replace an Intro to Biology course, and the university is consistently compared to tech powerhouses like Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. According to ASU officials, one of the most popular courses on campus is prompt engineering, which teaches the best uses of chat bots like ChatGPT.

“Learning is core to why so many users love ChatGPT. ASU continues to lead in innovation by integrating ChatGPT into its educational programs,” OpenAI chief operating officer Brad Lightcap said in statement. “We’re keen to learn from ASU and to work towards expanding ChatGPT’s impact in higher education.”