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Arizona governor Katie Hobbs signed a bill that will allow students at the state’s three public universities to opt not to have their student activity fees go toward certain student organizations, the Arizona Mirror reported. The bill was introduced by Republican representative Alexander Kolodin, who wanted Jewish students to have the option to keep their fees from supporting pro-Palestinian student organizations.

Arizona State University students pay $35 for student organizations every semester, while Northern Arizona University students pay $23. At the University of Arizona, the new law will have no impact, as club funding is derived not from student fees but rather from the institution’s bookstore.

Rowan Imran, a Palestinian-American activist who works with pro-Palestinian student groups in Arizona, argued that the law could have unintended consequences.

“It’s a troubling precedent, suggesting that free speech might become a privilege for those who can afford it, rather than a guaranteed right for all students on campus,” she said.