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Cornell University communication professor Monica Cornejo was arrested for disorderly conduct Tuesday during a campus seminar led by conservative media personality Ann Coulter, The Cornell Daily Sun reported.

Coulter, a Cornell graduate, was concluding her presentation, “Immigration: The Conspiracy To End America,” with a question-and-answer session when Cornejo spoke up.

“I’m an assistant professor of communication here, and one of those illegals that you mentioned,” Cornejo said. “I really appreciate you coming in and talking about these issues, that way I get to know how many racist people belong to this university.”

Wearing a shirt that read “Keep Migrants, Deport The Racists,” she continued to shout remarks, including “Racist!” She also raised her middle fingers in response to Coulter’s comments before she was removed by one of six university police officers stationed inside the room and throughout the hallway.

Coulter requested her removal. When police escorted her out, Coulter called Cornejo “a child.”

Provost Michael Kotlikoff sponsored the event in an effort to showcase diverse perspectives on campus and promote freedom of expression. It was Coulter’s second appearance on campus; her previous appearance, in November 2022, resulted in the removal of eight audience members and ended early. 

“We’re here really to correct something that happened a year and a half ago when [Coulter] who was invited by Cornell students was prevented from speaking at Cornell, something that I did not attend,” Kotlikoff said. “I wish to remind all participants that Cornell values free and open inquiry and expression and strives to create a community where diverse opinions can be expressed.”