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An interior shot of Western Washington University’s Multicultural Center

Putting Services Where the Students Are—In DEI Offices

To better engage the campus community, some student affairs offices are placing liaisons in their diversity, equity and inclusion spaces.

Tennessee Triples Down on Targeting ‘Divisive Concepts’

Another year, another Tennessee General Assembly bill targeting so-called “divisive concepts.” Republican lawmakers in multiple states have listed and taken...
A group of students in caps and gowns sits in front of a professor at a podium. A blue “Perimeter College” banner is in the background.

Georgia University’s Decision to Close Prison Program Prompts ‘Heartbreak’

Professors and students want Georgia State University to keep its college-in-prison program open. The institution’s leaders say new federal standards make it too costly to do so.

NAIA Bans Transgender Athletes From Women’s Sports

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) decided Monday that transgender women—or female gender–identifying individuals who were assigned male sex...
A picture of the tall clock tower at the University of Texas at Austin

DEI Isn’t Scary; Political Purges Are

Layoffs of dozens of employees who previously held DEI-related roles at UT Austin leave students and the state worse off, Ryan A. Miller writes.

Eboo Patel, founder and president of Interfaith America, stands in front of a podium facing a crowd of campus officials.

Pluralism Conference Draws Campus Leaders Amid Israel-Gaza War

The Washington, D.C. conference brought together university leaders eager for answers on promoting civil discourse amid ongoing student protests over the conflict.

Kentucky DEI Programs Survive Legislative Threat

Kentucky lawmakers appear to have run out of time to pass GOP legislation that would have banned public colleges and...

S.C. House Bill Says Colleges Can’t Request DEI Statements

The South Carolina House of Representatives has passed a bill that would ban public colleges and universities from asking applicants...