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The Campus Vaccine Scene

Higher ed vaccine mandates are a hot topic for college students. Here’s what they think about requirements and related communication.

Health Habits: Emerging From the COVID Crush

Students who have fallen into unhealthy lifestyle routines this past year need support in getting back on track. How can colleges help?

Enforcing Religious Values or Stifling Dissent?

A recent graduate of Louisiana College says administrators used strict social media policies to censor criticism of the college. College officials say they are within their rights to protect the reputation of the institution.

A Troublesome Year Leads to President’s Firing

Ronald Graham served as president of Haskell Indian Nations University for about one year and was removed amid student and faculty claims that he suppressed free speech on campus.

Infographic: Campus Racial Climate Expectations and Observations

Students speak out about what they’ve seen and what they expect from their colleges with regard to racial justice and climate.

Protecting or Restricting Students?

A Boston College student organization is accusing administrators of using public gathering policies to restrict their free speech and prevent them from criticizing the institution.

More Discussion Than Action: Racial Justice on Campus

The latest Student Voice survey shows what college students think about their institutions’ actions in the aftermath and year since George Floyd was killed last May -- and what campus leaders can do now to take bolder steps toward racial justice and equality.

We Are Not OK and We Need Your Help

Student Joseph Maronski reflects on mental health and what higher ed leaders and staff have done this past year to support their campus communities.