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Harvard Scholars: President Has Been Mum About Palestinians

Nearly 80 Harvard scholars have signed a letter accusing the university administration of refusing “to actively protect the free speech...
A photo of small candles and lighters, which say "USC Hillel," with a group of people in the background.

Coming Together Over the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

As the Mideast crisis deepens, some university officials are finding ways to foster dialogue and compassion among students on campus.

Cornell Leaders Condemn Prof. ‘Exhilarated’ by Hamas Attack

Cornell University’s top leaders are condemning an associate history professor’s statement at a rally that Hamas’s recent deadly attack on...
A yellow Star of David against a black background.

When Commitments to Free Speech and Against Antisemitism Collide

We need to be asking different questions as conflicts around antisemitism and free speech continue to arise on college campuses, Jeffrey Herbst writes.

Students at a Brooklyn College counterprotest hold signs in support of Israel that say "We feel your pain," "can you feel ours?" and "must you revel in our murder?" One student has an Israeli flag

Middle East Tumult Reverberates on U.S. Campuses

Donors pull funds at Harvard, Penn administrators under fire, incidents at Drexel and conflicting petitions over a Columbia professor.

A group of protesters with a woman in the center holding a banner that says "Justice for Palestine"

A Day of Tension and Protests on Campus

Days after the Hamas terror attacks on Israeli civilians, pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli groups of college students clashed on campuses across the U.S.

After voting, the young adult man proudly sticks an "I voted" sticker to his shirt.

Dos and Don’ts of Political Engagement and Student Voting

In preparation for the 2023 and 2024 elections, higher education practitioners should be aware of the ways they can or cannot encourage students’ political activism and rights as voters. An American Council on Education brief offers five ways to support student voting.

Palestinian supporters waving flags face off across a New York City street from a group of Israeli supporters waving flags

Colleges Draw Criticism for Slow Response to Hamas Attacks

After student organizations released statements backing attacks against Israeli citizens, critics called on university leaders to forcefully condemn them. Not all did.