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Calvin President Resigns Amid Charges of ‘Unwelcome’ Communication

The president of Calvin University, Wiebe Boer, resigned Monday after an external investigation revealed that he had engaged in “unwelcome...

Lessons From Michigan’s Continued Efforts to Make College Free

States can pass incremental efforts to make college more affordable.

Three stills from a video showing Jonathan Roth allegedly grabbing the hand of a student who tried to block his phone camera.

Professors Evacuated, Put on Leave in Hectic Pro-Palestine Protest

When the director of Jewish studies at one California State University campus visited another to speak on Israel and Palestine, things went awry.

Ep. 104: Higher Education in a ‘Post-Generational Society’

What would it take for colleges and universities to truly become “lifelong learning” institutions.

The word "admission," the text written in white, is offset against a red and tan background.

Rethinking Grad Admissions in a Post-SFFA World

Nick Eubank writes that a mission-derived rubric can help programs admit students with a wide range of life experiences.

AAUP Sanctions New College of Fla., Spartanburg Comm. College

The American Association of University Professors’ Governing Council voted unanimously over the weekend to sanction New College of Florida and...

Judge Bars NCAA From Enforcing Rules on Name, Likeness

A federal judge issued a preliminary injunction siding with the states of Tennessee and Virginia in their lawsuit challenging the...