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Loyola University Maryland Acknowledges Connections to Slavery

The president of Loyola University Maryland has formally acknowledged the university’s historical connections to slavery, according to a university spokesman...
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AIs Enrolling as Students in Michigan University’s Experiment

Artificial intelligences Ann and Fry will listen in to online courses before making their way to the classroom, ultimately eyeing Ph.D.s.

Ketamine and Patients With Severe PTSD: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute: C. Michael White, Distinguished Professor and chair of pharmacy practice at the University of Connecticut...
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Harvard May Keep Interim President ‘For Years’

Despite some calls to replace former president Claudine Gay with another Black woman, tradition and mercy might prompt persistence of white male leadership.

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4 More Colleges Face Civil Rights Investigations

The Education Department has now opened dozens of investigations into antisemitic and other bias-related incidents on college campuses since Oct. 7. But resolutions that could lead to changes are expected to take a while.

Minority Applicants Surge Post–Affirmative Action

Applications to colleges rose by 9 percent over all this year—and 12 percent among underrepresented minority applicants—according to a new...
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Scaling Up: Providing Experience, Professional Network to At-Need Students

The University of Nebraska at Lincoln created a microinternship and mentoring program to help first-generation and Black, Indigenous and people of color learners identify their professional aspirations and build social networks.

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DEI Spending Banned, Sociology Scrapped in Florida

Florida’s State Board of Education imposed new prohibitions on DEI spending at state colleges, following a similar decision for state universities.