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Biden extends a hand while speaking into a mic.

Biden Seeks Another Pell Grant Increase, but Shortfall Looms

The president’s latest proposed budget would boost the maximum Pell Grant by $750 for students at nonprofit private and public colleges. Whether and how Congress will pay for such an increase is unclear.

A photo illustration combining a photograph of the Arizona State Capitol Building and a quote from the bill that’s repeated in the article.

Low Grade? Arizona Bill Would Let Students Allege ‘Political Bias’

Legislation that’s near passage in Arizona would create a “grade challenge department” for public universities. It could force professors to change students’ marks. 

Two girls walk on a sidewalk with a college campus behind them.

Michigan Hybrid Program Aims to Reach 50,000 Adult Students

Grand Valley State University's partially online program is to expand this fall across the university’s five campuses.

Education Department Begins Sending Financial Aid Data: Report

The U.S. Education Department began sending financial aid data to a limited number of colleges over the weekend and expects...
A photo illustration of the University of Idaho and University of Phoenix campuses.

Scrutiny Mounts Over Idaho-Phoenix Deal

Legislative scrutiny of the University of Idaho's plan to buy the for-profit University of Phoenix has ramped up recently as key deadlines for the acquisition near.


It’s More Important Than Ever to Invest in Research Communication

Sharing big ideas in easy-to-understand ways can help academics and their colleges and universities expand their reach into the public sphere.

A large group of university students waiting for a class in an amphitheater.

How Students Define Their Success and What That Means for Administrators

Students use grades and knowledge gained to evaluate their success more than degree completion. How does that stack up against administrators’ definitions and how can colleges meet students where they are?

A college professor teaches a group of five students gathered around a table.

With Confidence in Higher Ed Plummeting, Colleges Must Recommit to Teaching

The best way to rebuild confidence in higher ed is to focus on teaching, Holden Thorp and Buck Goldstein write.