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Emory Ph.D. Student Workers Unionize, Join Organizing Wave

Emory University Ph.D. student workers have voted to unionize, the National Labor Relations Board announced Tuesday. The vote was 909...
An aerial shot of an internal event at Beloit College introducing the launch of the School of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurships and the School of Health Sciences

Success Program Launch: Liberal Arts College Puts Careers in Focus

Building off the success of Career Channels, Beloit College will open two new schools to promote professional development and job exploration for students as part of its upcoming Impact Beloit initiative.

A man in a red shirt talks to a man in a black shirt in a high school hallway

Recruiting to Campuses Far, Far Away

Demographic shifts and funding woes have led a diverse and growing array of colleges to hire recruiters who live and work hundreds of miles from campus. Is it worth it?

Multiethnic group of high school or college girls talking together on campus outdoors in summer or spring season.

Success Program Launch: Scholarship and Support for Native American Learners

Starting in January, Salt Lake Community College will waive tuition for all Native students enrolled at the institution, regardless of part- or full-time status.

A tangle of lines goes through a computer screen with a brain and dollar sign on the monitor, coming out of the monitor in all straight lines.

How AI Could Address Financial Aid Office Woes

As the offices struggle to give students consistent information about loan repayments and the FAFSA delay, some institutions turn to AI to help.

Texas Wesleyan University Hit by Data Breach

A hacking attack targeting Texas Wesleyan University exposed students’ personal data, including Social Security numbers and information involving passports and...

USC, Grad Workers Reach Tentative Deal, Avert Tuesday Strike

The University of Southern California and leaders of its graduate student workers’ union reached a tentative agreement Sunday, averting a...

Greek Mythology in the Garden: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute: Marie-Claire Beaulieu, associate professor of classical studies at Tufts University, explores how Greek mythology is...